​Ron Driggers from Fargo North Dakota started singing and playing guitar at a young age. Driven by his burning passion and the love of music Ron set out to develop his skills. Soon after he started rocking with some of the areas local bands. After he cut his teeth and sharped his skills he went to play for bands such as Miss Chevious, Mistreated and others. in 2014 Ron came aboard with The Broke & Thirsty Band.

Greg Westbrook from Grant Michigan started beating on pots and pans at a super young age. Greg started loving the dynamics and the complicity of the drums. He was soon laying down beats and driving a few of the areas bands. With his pristine and great ability to cerate music Greg was soon recording for acts like Dusty Burke out of Tulsa Oklahoma. Later down his musical path he found himself in Fargo North Dakota where he hooked up with acts like The Great Outdoors Band, Boom Town, Miss Chevious , and Mistreated. In 2014 Greg and co-founders Frank Leingang and Rick Reed put together The Broke & Thirsty Band.       

Frank Leingang from Bismark North Dakota was introduce to music at a very young age. Frank ( Biff as we all know him) found himself eating, sleeping, and breathing music do the fact he grow up in a musical home. By the time he was a teen ager he was playing guitar and singing in some of the areas premier rock bands. Later as he started his musical journey, he found himself excelling on the bass guitar. So honing in his skills on bass and vocals, Frank soon went on to preform with such bands as The Great Outdoors Band where traveled the country playing in some of the biggest venues in the united states. In 2014 he got with guitarist Rick Reed and drummer Greg Westbrook to co-form The Broke & Thirsty Band.